Why You Should Never Create A Free Plus Shipping Store

Don’t try to launch a free plus shipping store especially if you’re new to ecommerce and Facebook advertising.

“But I’ll get a bunch of good data to build LLAs”


Using this method to collect data faster when you’re just starting out is the worst idea ever. It’s wrong for so many reasons.

Free plus shipping in general is a very hard strategy to turn profitable (one main exception, I’ll talk about it at the end). Your room for profitability is very tight on the front end.

When you’re advertising a free plus shipping product, do you understand the type of customer you are attracting to your store?

No? Let me tell you. Cheapskates.

They’re only interested in your product because it’s “free”. DUH

Even if you include that they have to pay for shipping, most users won’t notice that until they get to the checkout page or won’t expect the shipping to be that expensive. That’s why there is always such a high drop off rate from add to cart to initiate checkout.

But, now your pixel has a ton of data on people who are only interested in your product because they think it’s “free”. So why would creating a LLA off of that data be a good idea? Exactly, it’s not. FB would just find more low quality users.

Not saying people can’t make it work but it’s much harder to do so. Especially for a beginner. It requires an optimized funnel/backend to help increase LTV. Most successful F+S I see these days typically have sort of monthly subscription upsell.

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This thread is a great place to start and find more helpful tips around Facebook ads.

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