One Simple Way to Increase Facebook Ads Conversions

Earlier this week I was at one of the thousands of Whole Foods that seem to exist in my city. I love whole foods, for obvious reasons. High quality food, great environment, what’s not to like?

You could learn a lot about branding by looking at the way Whole Foods attracts so many people to shop there, but that’s beside the point.

Today we’re going to be talking about urgency and why it works so well. I’m going to be using a real-world example so you can visualize it. 

So, you know I’m at Whole Foods.

I’m shopping for a cold beverage. When I walk up to the beverage area, a few things come to mind.

1. There’s a lot of options.

2. A lot of these options look the same.

3. Hmm, there’s only 2 bottles left of this blueberry drink, it must be good.

If you pay attention to number 3, you’ll get the gist of what this post is about. There were only 2 bottles left of the drink I noticed when all of the other flavors had plenty of bottles left.

This automatically makes me think that this product is in high demand. And because it’s in high demand, then it must be good. Especially since all those other flavors had plenty of bottles left.

Hence, the power of scarcity. If I didn’t pick up the bottle then and there, I would have risked somebody else grabbing it if I waited until later to buy it.

It meant that other people bought it so I should probably buy it too. All of that info, just from noticing that there were only a few bottles left.

If you aren’t using scarcity or urgency in your ads, you could be missing out on a lot of sales. A lot of people think it’s scammy or that it may not work as well anymore but from what I’ve tested recently, that really is not the case. Urgency and scarcity still works pretty well,and they always seem to increase my conversion rates.

Put simply, urgency and scarcity are great to run on an ad because if you target the right audience… the viewer will have the same mindset as me in Whole Foods.