How To Set Up Dynamic Creative Ads In Facebook

Testing new ads can be frustrating, confusing, and lead to poor results, but Facebook may have the answer: dynamic creative ads.

These types of ads can help you find high performing ads, without you having to manually test each one. This recent breakthrough is a godsend to Facebook advertisers. 

These campaigns make it easy to find high-performing combinations of creative components while allowing you to quickly launch ads with multiple combinations of creative assets. 

You can also use these to deliver the best creative for each campaign audience, taking standard FB ads a step further! We’ll walk you through how to set up a dynamic ad campaign, but first, let’s explain what it is!

What is a dynamic creative in Facebook ads?

Dynamic Creative Ad

When setting up a dynamic creative ad, you provide Facebook with all the inputs you normally need for an ad: an image or video, title, description, etc.). Whereas you would normally have to configure all aspects of the ad yourself, this is not the case with these types of ads!

Instead, Facebook automatically generates optimized combinations of all these components and presents them to different audiences with different placements. Then, Facebook optimizes all these combinations, honing in on the best performers. 

How many variations can you use in one of these ads?

You can provide Facebook with up to 10 images or videos, and 5 different versions of each text attribute. This means 5 different body texts, 5 different titles, 5 different descriptions, and 5 different CTA’s. As you can imagine, this gives Facebook a ton to work with.

You can use dynamic creative ads with tons of different campaigns, including:

  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Video views
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • App installs

These types of campaigns work best for direct response products or service-based ads. But, there’s no harm in trying them if your business falls outside of this scope!

Why you should try dynamic creative ads

I’ve used these when I struggle to get CPM’s down on my ads. It’s helped me a ton with my own ads. And, I’m not alone.

According to Facebook, companies like ROIHunter and Aitarget both got profound results when using DCA’s. 

If you are struggling to keep CPM’s down, this is a great way to test new ads with a healthy budget. Now, let’s walk you through how to set up one of these campaigns up.

How to set up dynamic creative ads on Facebook

Setting up a dynamic creative ad is super simple. It takes a fair amount of work upfront to get it started, but they’re definitely worth testing to find new combinations of creative and copy that convert well together.

Choose dynamic creative at the adset level

You’ll start your campaign just like any other. Choose a marketing objective, setup your conversion event, and stop right before you’d select an audience. You’ll see a section labeled “Dynamic Creative”. It’s turned off by default, but you’ll want to turn it on.

You may be thrown at first when you proceed to the next step (the ad) and see that you can only have one ad under that ad set. But, you will be testing tons of variations of that ad with the dynamic creative.

Upload your ad components (creative, copy, etc.)

Once you get to the ad level, you’ll upload all your creative assets, which we listed earlier. As a refresher, you can have:

  • 10 creatives
  • 5 Texts
  • 5 Headlines
  • 5 Descriptions
  • 5 Call to Actions

You don’t need to use this many, but you should try as many variations as possible. Facebook will optimize, and present you with winning components. 

One thing worth noting is that you need to be careful about what you upload in the ad. Ideally, you’ll be uploading 30 different components between all the variations. All it takes is one of those to get the ad disapproved.

That’s right, if just one variation of your images, video, or copy don’t meet Facebook’s guidelines, they won’t approve it. What’s even more frustrating is they won’t tell you which one is the culprit, starting an irritating game of trial and error. As long as you know how to prevent a poor ads experience, you should be able to avoid getting disapproved.

Let’s quickly cover how to measure success within a dynamic creative ad. Because unfortunately, it’s not as simple as monitoring performance with standard campaigns.

Facebook dynamic creative reporting

There is one slight downside to using dynamic creative ads. You are only able to see the performance per individual variation to each part of the ad.

But, just a few months ago, Facebook released an update to make tracking performance more effective. Now, you have the option to see the best performing combination, which is extremely helpful. With that being said, they changed their mind and removed this feature shortly after.

Before we move on, I want to make the distinction between using dynamic creative ads and split testing. Since the results are aggregated, don’t just substitute your normal split testing with this type of campaign. 

Once you gather some data and have a better idea of what combinations drive results, you can create campaigns with these combinations.

Final thoughts on dynamic creative campaigns

If you are struggling to get your CPMs down, you definitely want to test these out. I have found that with my bigger ad accounts, these types of campaigns perform better.