How to Retarget Facebook Ads like Nobody’s Business

Life is better with options. Having options automatically eliminates neediness.

For example:

You’re in high school and got three different chicks after you. One: a preppy cheerleader. Two: the dorky hot nerd. Three: that weird goth girl. See, most would go for the cheerleader… buy maybe you’re feeling a little crazy that day and go for the goth chick. Who knows.

Options are nice to have. Then, you don’t need anything extra, because it’s all laid out in front of you.

Anyways, neediness is essentially the worst thing that you can have as a person. It’s unattractive and doesn’t make you friends or money. Sorry for being blunt, but it’s what I’ve learned to be true over the years.

So how do you get yourself more options?

Well, for friends, you go out and meet new people in new places (places you actually enjoy going to, not because it’s “where you meet people”).

As for making money… you test new ways to make money. One of the ways I found to be great for making money was with Facebook Advertising. So I committed to it.

But that doesn’t mean our relationship gets stale. In fact, I’m always testing out new things with Facebook. When it comes to retargeting, you need to test out new creatives and ad copy as well as offer some sort of a discount. I really mean this when I say it and I do not exaggerate in the slightest… TEST EVERYTHING! 

I didn’t tell you where to retarget though. Most people just retarget DPA Ads for view content and add to cart…. that’s not enough.

You should be retargeting those as well as retargeting for website visitors, FB/IG engagement and video views. Now you have multiple avenues for placing your retargeting ads. Any one or all of those retargeting ads have the possibility to become profitable for you. Just make sure you aren’t showing that crowd the same ad they skipped over. No bueno.

That’s why you always consider your options and look for different ways to test new variables with Facebook Ads. Because it makes you more money! Keep a wide variety of options, make sure you’re testing everything, and send those ads flying out – your wallet will appreciate it.