How To Increase Social Proof On Your Facebook Ads

Adding social proof to your Facebook ads can sometimes drastically improve the results you see on the platform. If you can’t physically touch or examine the product, how do you judge the reputation of the company, and the quality of the product?

You rely on social proof. If you get targeted with a Facebook ad, you likely check for likes and comments to gauge whether you’ll even take the time to watch the ad or learn more. The engagement on the post helps provide more information about the product or service being sold.

I’ll explain what social proof looks like on Facebook ads, and elaborate on just how important it is. Then, I’ll tell you one of my favorite ways to build social proof on your ads if you don’t have access to the new beta that allows you to carry over comments.

What is social proof?

When many people think about social proof for eCommerce, they think of reviews. This is especially true on platforms such as Amazon.

But, Facebook ads social proof can be as simple as how people have interacted with your ad. 

If you get lots of likes, comments, and shares on your ad, this is an example of good social proof. But to be clear just because you get a lot of social proof on your ad does not mean it will perform. 

Try to avoid having angry users or customers leaving poor feedback on your ad, which will deter new users from clicking through to your landing page.

How important is social proof?

You probably already have an idea of just how important social proof is. Without it, people are less likely to click through to your product. With it, people know that others have had a good experience with your ad/product.

There is definitely something to be said for the hive mentality you see on social media. People want to be involved in whatever others are involved in, and are quick to like things that others have liked. 

But, don’t look at social proof as a means of curing your Facebook ads woes. You should test ads with social proof against the same ads without, and come to a conclusion based on the tests.

Lots of liking, commenting, and sharing may improve performance, but perhaps all the hoopla won’t resonate well with your target customer. Every account I work on is different. Sometimes getting more social proof on ads performs better compared to ads without it. You won’t know for sure until you test it.

How do I get social proof on Facebook ads?

Here is the main method I use to accumulate social proof without running engagement campaigns. But, please be aware that the more money you have to spend on your advertising, the better this strategy will work.

Step 1) Create an ad in one ad set and set it to inactive

Start by creating an ad in one ad set. Then, set it to inactive. This is going to serve as your base ad, and it will be used to create all of your other ads that will accumulate social proof.

Step 2) Choose “Facebook Post with Comments”

Once you have created your base ad, scroll down and look on the right hand side and click the ad preview dropdown. You’ll need to choose the option “Facebook post with comments”.

Once you do this, it will open a new tab in your browser with your ad and a link that looks something like this: “ …”

Copy the second long number (0000002000000001) at the end of the url. This is your post id, and you’ll use this number later on.

Step 3) Create a new ad in the ad set

How do I get social proof on Facebook ads?

The third step is creating a new ad in the original ad set. But this time, select “Use existing post” instead of “Create ad”.

Then, you need to click “enter post ID” and paste in the long number you copied earlier. Once you enter it, you should see your ad come up on the right-hand side.

Step 4) Duplicate this existing post into remaining ad sets

To finish this up, you simply duplicate this existing post into remaining ad sets. Then, you are done!

You are using one ad in all of your ad sets instead of the same ad with different post ids. So, all the likes, comments, and reactions accumulate across all ad sets, so you have way more social proof on your ads.

If you can spend a lot of money, you’ll build up a ton of social proof fast with this method!

Now, replicate this and use it on each ad variation that you have. 

Typically, I will have anywhere from 4-8 existing ads under one ad set depending on the type of spend the account is doing.