Facebook Ads Product Testing Strategy

Often times when people are starting out with dropshipping, they get caught up in things that don’t really matter in the long run…

They worry too much about the product, the look of the store, and even getting the right creatives and copy made. These things are all important, and they will eventually determine whether or not you make any money in the long run.

But you can’t let that stop you from getting started. Instead, you should be focused on leveling up your marketing skill set.

Here’s what I mean.

Back in the day when I was first learning about Facebook Ads and dropshipping you could have given me the best product in the world and I wouldn’t have been able to make it work.

Why? Because my marketing skills weren’t great. I didn’t know how to determine the right audience for the product, I didn’t know how to find a good marketing angle and I didn’t know how to be persuasive.

Nowadays I have confidence that I can succeed with a mediocre product because I know the importance of marketing. Which means researching those things I just mentioned and putting them together to form a cohesive plan to sell a product.

You can become a better marketer by working on your skills, taking action before everything is perfect, and having a student’s mentality.

I’m always looking at my competitors stores and looking at their marketing angles, finding the ‘why’ behind why a product is selling well with a certain angle.

And most importantly, testing out products on my own to see if they have potential. Here’s how I do that: First, I create a campaign with a $60 total budget across 3 broad interests related to my product niche.

Then, I create 3 different creative types and 2 different copy variations. That’s 6 ads total. I put those 6 ads underneath each of my 3 ad sets (with broad interest targeting).

Next, I launch retargeting ads with a $10 daily budget. The budget is low because I’m not getting much data yet.

Optimization comes next. I cut all of the obvious losing ads/ad sets and replace them with new tests. I also double down on winning audiences and ad angles.

Finally, after 2-3 days if I’m not close to breakeven on, I stop dead in my tracks. Continuing to test after this point is useless, and will only serve to lose you more money. Trust me.

If I broke even, then I continue to scale! And that’s my initial strategy for prospecting and retargeting ads.