Facebook Ads Hacks for Multi-Product Stores

I know that funnels are all the rage these days. I actually go through how to create a killer funnel in my Facebook Ads Crash Course.

But there are still stores out there running multiple products successfully, which is all good.

That said, if you have a multiple product store and you aren’t running dynamic product ads, then you are leaving money on the table. LOTS of money on the table… So, here’s how to set it up:

First, go into the Shopify store and download the Flexify: Facebook Product Feed app. Then, copy and paste your feed URL over to Facebook. Go to the Business Manager and select catalogs. Create a new catalog and add a new product data source.

When you add the product data source make sure you set it to update every 24 hours. Next, you want to select Event data sources which is right next to Product Data Sources. Here, you’ll connect your pixel to your catalog.

Now you are able to use this catalog in a DPA campaign (a little confusing process, I know. But if you need it just google ‘how to set up dynamic product ads on shopify’ and you’ll find a nice video tutorial). When you are creating a DPA campaign, you create a new campaign and select Catalog Sales, which is right under Conversions.

Then,l select the catalog you want to use on the campaign level. On the ad set level you will choose the product set. The default is all products.

To start I would just select the retargeting DPA campaign which is very effective. It will show customers the products that they were looking at on your site.

If you’re feeling up to it you can also try out Broad DPA’s which are sometimes great for cold prospection.

Also, when you are using this for retargeting and are selling products with a limited amount of units make sure you include “in stock” as one of the filters in your product sets. This will make it so that only products that have inventory will be shown in your DPA retargeting ads.

Boom, that’s how you set up Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook. If you have more than one product on your store, be sure to take advantage of this type of ad – it’ll noticeably increase your conversions.