3 Facebook Ads Tips Everyone Needs to Know

When you’re first getting started with Facebook Ads, everything seems confusing. I’ve been there too. There’s a million terms that you need to learn, a million buttons that need to be pressed, and a million different ways to run ads. It can be pretty overwhelming at times.

Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Ads Alchemist is here!

Today I’m discussing 3 things every beginner should know about Facebook Ads before getting started. This should help you ditch your fear of Facebook Ads and get the ball rolling on your first ad!

1. You Don’t Have to be Perfect. 

A lot of times people fear getting started with Facebook Ads because they’ve heard so many “experts” talk about how difficult Facebook Ads are, how much money you can lose, and how you need to follow their specific strategy to succeed.

I get it, there’s a lot to be scared of. Worrying about all of these things isn’t going to get you anywhere. Your first ad isn’t going to be perfect, and that’s okay. 9/10 times my first ads don’t perform well… but that’s why we test everything – to find what works best and how to get the most bang for your buck.

You are going to learn so much more about Facebook Ads just by starting than you would by over analyzing every detail. So don’t be perfect, just get started. Chances are, those guru’s methods of creating the ‘perfect ad’ won’t even matter. Also – it’s near IMPOSSIBLE (unless you’re crazy lucky) to find a great converting ad on your first attempt.

One thing I always recommend for beginners is to check out the Facebook Blueprint, Facebook’s own beginner course. It is a great starting point to learn how to run ads, what all the terms mean, and includes basic info that will help you process their ads platform. It’s actually the ‘cheatsheet’ I used when I was getting started. Pair that with my Twitter account and you’ll be running profitable ads in no time! Check them out here: Facebook BlueprintTwitter

2. Always be Testing 

Whoever runs the most tests, wins. With Facebook Ads, testing is everything. I’ve been running ads for years now and I still try to test out something new every single day. Why? Because there are endless possibilities and you probably won’t ever find the most profitable way to run an ad.

Never assume that your best ad will work forever. Never assume that your product will work with a certain audience. Don’t assume ANYTHING. Treat your ads like an experiment. Make your hypothesis and then test it thoroughly. You never know when something unexpected may give your ads a boost. Don’t be afraid to test!

I keep a google doc filled with new ideas I want to test and update it daily. I recommend doing the same for each of your stores so that you remember to test new things! 

I also maintain a google doc of what the results are of every ad and basically a giant sheet of data for all ads and how they were ran so I can easily see what works and what doesn’t.

3. Go Broad, Not Narrow

Often times people get this confused when they are just starting out. They think they know exactly who is going to purchase their product or service and so they narrow down their audience significantly because of it. This is a no no because of the way Facebook’s Algorithm works.

The algorithm is great at working with broad audiences (over 1 million) and narrowing them down itself. With access to billions of data points on its users, Facebook will do a better job of identifying your potential customers than you could ever hope for. Keep it broad, put some trust in FB, and let it do it’s thing.

FB wants to make you money because then it will make money. So don’t handicap the Facebook Algorithm by giving it too small of an audience to work with. 

I think that’s all for today! I hope you were able to take something away from this – and if you’re a beginner or looking to get started… I recommend you look back on these tips as friendly reminders. They’ll keep you on the right track and help you improve faster than usual.